Hosting SMIs, startups and innovative entrepreneurs

The RAO cluster offers startups and SMIs wanting to innovate, an area of ​​over 300 m2 equipped with technological facilities and scientific equipment. It extends a comprehensive offer of technological support to innovative project leaders in their approach to creativity - from the design and proof-of-concept production stages or prototype mock-ups right through to the pre-production stage preceding industrialization.

Entrepreneurs benefit from an environment conducive to innovation and from the expertise of campus laboratories which are part of the Lyon-Saint-Etienne "Innovation Factory" project supported by the UDL. Several young companies have already benefited from this support: AddBike, GulPlug and PaintUP, some of which have received regional or national awards for their innovative projects (BigBooster 2016, Ademe Award 2016, Mechatronics Awards 2017, 2017 JEA Prize from the CCI and the UdL Foundation).

An important dimension of this action also involves the networking of various actors, which is necessary for project success. This ecosystem includes actors from the academic world (researchers, students, PEPITE BEELYS, etc.), technological platforms (YouFactory, IDpro, AIP Primeca RAO cluster, etc.), relay structures between academic institutions and the economic world (SATT Pulsalys, ENE, ARDI, INSAVALOR, etc.) and industrialists able to carry out pre-series production or industrialize a product (EFI, Axandus accelerator, etc.).

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