Development of innovative educational engineering

Several educational innovations have emerged as a result of research projects and actions funded by the Regional Council. These innovations focus on the expanded use of digital concepts and tools applied to initial and ongoing training in the context of the Factory of the Future.

A multiplayer Serious Game environment, collaborative touchscreen annotations, training scenario with virtual reality headset, remote practical work - all of these tools have been implemented in a technological Learning Lab and are integrated into the e-Learning and MOOC platform, Claroline Connect.

In partnership with institutions in the region (UCBL, INSA, ECAM, USMB, and others), two Learning Lab rooms (Lyon and Chambéry) are now currently available, as well as various training modules accessible in face-to-face mode or as distance learning (PLM, Mechatronics, System Engineering, SysML, Connected Objects, Cybersecurity, Physical Measurements, etc.).

Fun courses for the discovery of engineering sciences are offered to high school students and specific courses have been conducted as part of lifelong learning (Training Throughout Life) for industrial companies and hospitals.

In face-to-face mode : Learning Lab, Serious Games, Virtual Reality

In a distance mode: MOOC, Serious Games, remote labs