Support for multidisciplinary technological research projects

The cluster supports research laboratories by providing researchers with equipment from its platforms. It also brings its expertise to multidisciplinary projects sponsored by industrial companies.

These collaborations can take different forms: from simple delivery, the study of new processes, or the development of concept validation prototypes to the implementation of industrial pilots or participation in national or European programs with, if necessary:

  • the involvement of students as part of final-year internships or the inclusion of doctoral students,
  • the simplified management of contracts via value-added subsidiaries of partner institutions
  • the connections established with university experts from research laboratories tha are members of the Federation of Engineering Laboratories of Lyon Saint-Etienne (IngéLySE).

In partnership with Inge'LYSE, the federation of laboratories:

  • Cold Spray project (Lamcos, Mateis)
  • 3D metal printing project (Lamcos)   


In partnership with 4 local SMIs and institutions:

  • EASYMAINT industrial project